So he loves her, but she does not love him;
A story countless through the ages told.
A type of madness now his mind infects,
Each day he tries to shake its baneful hold –

But wonders, what technique or set of words,
Or clothes, or gifts, might cause her heart to fill?
Then curses his obsession, for he knows:
She doesn’t love him, and
She never will

One Cobalt Morning

From dreams of iridescent blue,
  she woke to damp and cinder-block,
  the stone-gray sunset smeared across
  a pane upon a window by
  a door with broken lock and splintered wood.

A creaking spring, a bleary glance,
  her glasses off a windowsill,
  as slippering her feet, she rose
  to wrap a shawl around her, and
  to walk onto a courtyard looking out.

She waited in the cold and still,
  the night before a hazy mess
  of cigarettes and alcohol —
  and saying “I’ll enjoy this life,
  or die, at least, at last, in the attempt –”

A man she didn’t know at all,
  came out his door with coat and boots,
  and weary as a dying breath
  trudged off and up the hill and towards
  the distant town a half a mile away.

There was no warm to calm her soul,
  just unrelenting hollowness;
  but yet, a silent fixed intent
  to find again the dream so brief
  of cobalt blue and one love’s luxury

The Secret of My Failure


I kept aside
I hid my shame
The whole world (but not me)
To blame

I sang my songs
To nobody
And spent days (but not nights)

I turned around
And, seeing me
I knew then (sort of knew)

In molten life
I was but dross
And would be (patently)
A loss

there is an emptiness that comes

there is an emptiness that comes
like shadows in the early fall;
when every wish we should have made
is lost on scraps worn through with scrawl

the happiness that once was ours
lies broken, like the ancient trust;
and fallen leaves swirl restlessly
around our lives
of ash
and dust


Happiness is where you find it,
Creativity is rare;
Lust and greed will have their moments,
Broken hearts are everywhere

Joy is all around, but fleeting,
Anger breathes its noxious air;
Dim confusion stumbles blindly,
Broken hearts are everywhere

Many wander without purpose,
Fools know neither toil nor care;
Open up your eyes and see it:
Broken hearts are everywhere

Broken hearts on every corner,
Every town and every square;
There is no excuse ignoring
Broken hearts
Are everywhere