Unsad Boy

Boys lose much The day they first learn Not to cry


So he loves her, but she does not love him...

One Cobalt Morning

From dreams of iridescent blue,   she woke to damp and cinder-block,   the stone-gray sunset smeared across   a pane upon a window by   a door with broken lock and splintered wood. A creaking spring, a bleary glance,   her glasses off a windowsill,   as slippering her feet, she rose   to … Continue reading "One Cobalt Morning"

bareleg eulogy

and so, we gather here to say: what we once loved has passed away. the little things forever gone - like weeds against bare legs at dawn, like dewdrops felt by skimming hands, and living hearts on loving lands, not empty frames left here to rot by those who knew, but just forgot


The rules for "Byrs" - two lines of six syllables and one line of four syllables (lines in any order) with interlocking exterior and interior rhyme schemes.