Persephone: Her Story

A follow up on an earlier poem “Persephone”.

She knows where she has been, and doesn’t think
That she could never end up there again;
You wouldn’t spot her for an addict, but
She knows the danger never goes away

She loved a boy, but that was long ago.
She lied to him when things were at their worst;
It took some months in rehab, and more time,
But he still wanted, loved her, anyway

For love’s a kind addiction at its best,
The kind that wants us as we truly are;
They found their love again, and it’s been good,
But she must careful tread to keep her feet

Not everyone a second chance is given:
But she is taking hers
And choosing

‘Everybody’ Loves Her…

She’s letting go of all the hurt.

She’s letting go of all the hurt

O’er which she long had tarried;

For everybody loves her, save

The person that she married


She thinks now that she chose someone

She knew would look right through her,

Because to be ignored that way

Was so familiar to her


She’s picked up all the pieces, and

She’s out for all to see see her:

She’s letting go of all the hurt

It’s now okay

To be her