Frequently Asked Question #Only

FAQ 1 in series of 1.

My Hand
An app-generated sketch of my actual left hand. No models or stock photos used.

For all of you blog curious
Who’ve asked, I now will boast:
I’m not in any picture that
I’ve used before this post

At least, not out on this blog*.
Fifty-two point four today;
Caucasian, overweight and with
A beard that’s mostly gray

I am not female, am not young.
And that, my friends, is that:
I’d put my picture out here if
It was worth looking at

* I did show a sketch of one my eyes once, but that was a reblog from another site.



My family doesn’t read this blog
Nor do my oldest friends
On pseudo-anonymity
This blog’s main use depends

I want to write on everything
But not hurt anyone
Since no one I know reads my stuff
The thing seems easily done

But secrets, I’m afraid are never
Kept long in the end
And one day, those I hold most dear
Will read these words I’ve penned

Forgive me, then, if anything
I may have said brings pain;
But I needed to say these things
To find myself again