all the losses

that love she thought was meant to be went sailing, and did not return; the life that they were going to build's so distant that she can't discern its contours, as the other boats go placidly (or seemingly) -- now books are all she has to love and that love comes but fleetingly. for once, … Continue reading "all the losses"

our calligraphy

our calligraphy: learned brush strokes and swirls, summer harmony, using hope as our main ink though none of our words made sense

2 Winter Fables (2)

Years ago, when your grandparent’s grandparents were still young, in a sleepy university town, there lived a very special brother and sister. Matthias and Ingrid were their names, and they were twins, living with their mother and father, who was a shoemaker, out on the edge of that town. At first look, there might not … Continue reading "2 Winter Fables (2)"

2 Winter Fables (1)

One winter, a tree, a brook, and a cloud were having a conversation about who had the hardest time in winter. The tree said, “Trees have it the hardest. It starts in autumn, when we lose our clothes. Then the winter comes hard on our bare branches; the birds, our friends, all leave; and, to … Continue reading "2 Winter Fables (1)"


Within these walls, a mother reads a book to two young children; a whole world being brought to life, a heroine, a villain -- And yes, letters and numbers matter; but, real elevation comes from the schooling of the heart that's in imagination The snow blows cold outside. The lights are strung for winter weather; … Continue reading "Schooled"

was it a dream?

what happened at midnight shouldn't have with the rainy night full of mystery i thought i had solved the enigma when you came and you stole the breath from me through the misty paths of the city park we walked where the bravest fear to go as captive hearts found a way to break free … Continue reading "was it a dream?"


a line of suitors: winter's lovers come, then leave in silence; for none who try to know her ever find what they seek. together, though, she and i coembody the same pattern: the way life breaks itself down to its most basic parts, both the stark and the glowing

Not That Bad

It's not that bad when it's this cold, And you're alone, with just the birds; It's not that bad when you grow old, And grasp for friends, for thoughts, for words -- It's not that bad to look around And wonder where it all went wrong; It's not that bad, but not that good: But, … Continue reading "Not That Bad"


Have you been outside, looking in? Or maybe inside, looking out? There's always some who do not want you, That much is beyond all doubt -- "Inclusion" is the goal, and while We see exclusion, and condemn, We promptly go back into lines That we have labeled us And them