Blistered, Calloused

So she would play the game, as well.

Girl In Water

She ripped her heart out with her hands
And threw it on the ground;
Then stomped on it
To show she didn’t care

For men – she’d wanted one – were pigs;
And she would not be hurt.
Without a heart
She thought that she’d be there

Her skin, though soft like velvet crush,
Encased a calloused soul;
The blisters of
A happiness denied

So she would play the game, as well.
She’d never show her cards:
The truth, was now
An object to deride

She’d never chase that lie again.
Her body was her tool:
The one who called
The shots, who she would be —

These days, she rips out other hearts,
And makes it her delight;
And now, she is
Most happy — isn’t she?

The Captaincy

She was made captain of the team
It surely was an honor
Alas, the weight of captaincy
Sat heavily upon her

She tried her best to show the way
In word and thought and action
But found frustration her reward
A fast drive to distraction

For people had their lists of things
Both spoken and unspoken –
That she was supposed to fix for them
All things she hadn’t broken

And she began to realize
There was both sweet and sour –
To have responsibility
Is not the same as power

What Power?

Embrace The World

What power do you want, my friend?
To change the world, or just change you?

I think that I want both. Is that
To much to ask? It’s what I do.

What power will you have then, friend?
Great wisdom, wealth or health or what?

I think that I’ll have all of those.
I won’t have any of those cut.

What power can do that, dear friend?
Where will you go to get these things?

The power that is everywhere.
That to and through all Nature sings.

What power do you want, my friend?
The power to act, or just to be?

I want it all, I want it now.
I want it for eternity.

Tragedy Universal

Perfecting the means, having forgotten the ends.

We’re born needing and wanting things

As we grow, we seek the power to get those things

Eventually, we seek the power
Independent of the things it can get us

And in this way,
Money is power
Sexual control is power
Violence is power
And lies are power

And the sickness comes and spreads
Not from what we do to get what we want
But from what we do
After we’ve forgotten everything
We really wanted