This One Idea

Do good things come to those who wait?
Or do they waste their days
And months and years in wishing
For the slightest of displays

That what they hope for might come true?
It’s hard to make a rule —
That one could then encapsulate
To teach at home or school.

But this — this one idea I have
And you helped me to birth it —
I waited all my life for you
And wow
It sure
Was worth it

Inspired by this prompt.

(“This One Idea” – 11-16-2014)

David Hume

That David Hume, he wrote a book,

So I thought I would take a look:

Then all my time it did consume -

He wrote a book, that David Hume

To write his tome, he had no cause,

For skeptical of cause he was:

No he, no self, was there at home,

He had no cause to write this tome

Why read or write, if naught exists?

Yet on and on, the book persists:

A skeptic lacking one insight --

If naught exists, why read or write?

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects #4 – The Ontological Argument

Imagine the greatest thing there is
To be great, it should “be”
If it’s not there, it’s not so great
And that’s ontology

If anything at all is here
There’s “greatest”, sure enough
So Anselm’s right and Kant is wrong
With his Critiques of Stuff

Descartes believed it, Hegel too
Spinoza thought it clear
The greatest thing there is, must be
Or so, it would appear

meditations on (or around) business

in no other walk of life
do people take
the average, mediocre things
that others do
and call them
‘best practices’

there is little emotional difference
between what feels urgent
and what actually is important

there is a big difference
in reality, though:

the first class of things
drives us crazy, and

the second class
makes everything worthwhile

working can teach us
just how much effort
we can expend
and still not have
actually done anything

in my lifetime,
i’ve worked for small employers,
large employers,
and the national government:
so, at various times,
i’ve heard every segment
of the economy

and believed it

“find out what you love to do,
and figure out how
to get paid for it,”
is still pretty good career advice

or would be

if not for the fact
that what many people love to do
is be cruel to others

that being said,
the most truly successful people
in business
are those who love what they do
more than
any money they get from it

when you have to actually fix problems,
rather than just comment on them,
the whole world changes

in my thirty-fourth year
of predicting things for a living,
the hardest thing left to predict
is how much longer i can do this

when people compare paychecks
they have no interest in comparisons
with people who make less than they do

even though people
who make less than they do
are frequently
the majority of the world

there is almost no overlap
in understanding
between people who always
want something for nothing,
and those who
never do

but you find both types of people
anywhere you go

people hurry
off to work
every day;
often because
they wait as long as possible
before going

On Reading Plato’s “Crito”

Dear Crito, now, suggests that I should go.
I cannot do this, for it would be wrong;
And though I know the ship arrives ere long,
I’ll stay and live the only life I know.

The life I’ve lived since I was in my youth;
To hold my head up high, and daily walk,
To never from my duty run or balk,
And live that I might only seek the truth

To Flourish

Instead of chasing happiness,
We should all seek to flourish;
Rather than seeking pleasure, we
Our body/soul should nourish

For running after danger is
A way of tempting fate;
A thing we only find out, often
When it’s
Far too

= = = = = | = = = = =

“The self-indulgent man craves for all pleasant things, or those that are most pleasant, and is led by his appetite to choose these at the cost of everything else…” – Aristotle, “Nicomachean Ethics”