This One Idea

Do good things come to those who wait?Or do they waste their daysAnd months and years in wishingFor the slightest of displays That what they hope for might come true?It’s hard to make a rule —That one could then encapsulateTo teach at home or school. But this — this one idea I haveAnd you helped … Continue reading "This One Idea"

David Hume

That David Hume, he wrote a book,
 So I thought I would take a look:
 Then all my time it did consume -
 He wrote a book, that David Hume

 To write his tome, he had no cause, 
For skeptical of cause he was: 
No he, no self, was there at home,
 He had no … Continue reading "David Hume"

A Lethargic’s Point

We spend our days in scurrying We’ve people still to meet, and much to prove: And yet, for all our worrying, To get where we all go, we needn’t move

To Flourish

Instead of seeking happiness, We should all seek to flourish...