Catching Flame

They couldn’t say what started the fire
But the two of them found themselves
In the middle of it

The dry kindling of their desperately dull lives
Caught flame
Out of control

And she didn’t care
For once she didn’t care what
Other people thought
There were no other people
There was just her
And him
And this bed
And feeling

And he, he had tried
To do things the right way
He wanted to live
Like this, like now
And she was warm and wild
And he found it in himself
To give her everything she was wanting

And the fire raged
And roared
And destroyed everything in its path
Lapsing finally, in the early hours
To nothing but

And the charred remains
Of what their lives had been

She Was

She Was 2

She was a little drunk
When she
Invited me

I know she thought I was
But I believe

She figured maybe I
Would do
To see her through

Another faceless night
And so
We left to go

I drove her home, and then
I tasted
Of her wine

It wasn’t the best
Vintage, but
It went down fine

Yet she looked thin and
Sickly in the
Morning light

When quietly I left
The sun
Was shining bright

Perhaps it’s strange
The memories
That with us stay

I hope wherever
She might be
That she’s