my first heroine

your sunset was my sunrise. all the same, you laughed to see the joy you thought i felt. there was a bit of irony in this: but i was in my taking phase, and so, took you for granted, and your grace as due. i know, because our roles are now reversed: not times of … Continue reading "my first heroine"

Repost: Words from My Mother

(Originally posted in 2016. – Owen) Recently, my wife and I visited my mother, who is a good way towards the other side of the country.  After being there a few days, my wife said, “your mother is the easiest person to get along with I think I’ve ever met.”  I had to agree.  Non-complaining, generally good-natured, curious … Continue reading "Repost: Words from My Mother"

Maxwell House

My mom’s always loved Her Maxwell House Right through the age of Starbucks = = = = = Photo credit : © Knowlesgallery | – Roseberry, Idaho USA: November 23rd 2012, Local Roseberry Store Photo