Ten Millenium Milestone

We strive for consistency In a past long-checkered And have achieved it at times For instance: Teaching morality Has a ten-thousand year unbroken record Of abject failure

Changing Fashion

He laughed at her For her oft-changing fashion That last year’s clothes Were no good anymore And thought it an example Of how shallow she was And always would be As for her? She believed in doing good And always tried to live it Appearance was just expression And as she shed her old ways … Continue reading "Changing Fashion"

Parking Lot Morality

Consider your basic parking lot Or maybe you would rather not But there you see what people are As they attempt to park their car First: everything goes, I’d say For people drive in any way That suits them, never mind the rules: Those things are for those other fools Second – this one is … Continue reading "Parking Lot Morality"