Lonely Man On Winter Road

Powder crunching also slushing Sky’s expanse and woodland hushing Brightened face that looks like blushing Life itself a heavy load Whitened snow that’s almost blinding Path that’s curving, ever winding Who are you, I need reminding Lonely man on winter road Trudging on to night’s Polaris Off across the sea to Paris I’ll not stop … Continue reading "Lonely Man On Winter Road"

if only and if only

the masters of the countryside say everything we need to hear; and scribes still take dictation, where the have to feed a family in fear — just past rural perfection sits a dollar saved by indigence; where brass rings have been missed, and where, no one forsakes their sapience or sense — if only and … Continue reading "if only and if only"

The Coming Dark

The light was harsh, the coming dark still harsher, Where hope dies cold and fear lies underground; No target heart, no arrows and no archer — No Cupid, just a frozen temple mound From natives long ago: their unknown sorrows Are buried somewhere, layered in the past: One desolate today, and no tomorrows – An … Continue reading "The Coming Dark"

the empty city

it’s hard, sometimes, remembering within the empty city; i think, once, there were people here and there was some committee that you and i belonged to when there was a you and i; where we decided how to raise our kids; which lullaby we’d sing at night to calm them or to ease their childhood … Continue reading "the empty city"


"... one so transient ..."