My parents both were singers.

My parents both were singers,
Taught us each to sing a part;
We would go out at Christmas and
Would carol folks by heart

I didn’t mind it very much
Out in the frost and rime:
I usually was rather shy
But not at Christmastime

When light and music filled the air –
The sound comes back to me –
There’s still no gift more special than
To sing
In harmony

The World of Coca-Cola

Memories of their grandfather…

Their grandfather, he worked for Coke
And he had a selection
Of Coke memorabilia that
Became his prize collection

Of red and white with green bottles
Of merry Santa Claus;
Which, seeing now, reminds themĀ of
The childhood world
That was


First Love’s Memory

We wandered down a hill to find a secret place I knew…

We wandered down a hill to find
A secret place I knew;
There was a picnic waiting
And a beautiful lake view

Picnic 1

She was surprised to see it all —
Delighted, nonetheless;
And I – well, I adored her
I must honestly confess

Picnic 2

And she sat on my lap
As we enjoyed the glittering lake;
With fruit to eat and wine to drink
Our daytime thirsts to slake

Picnic 3

And in my arms, down to
The waterside we did transfer;
If ever any boy loved girl
Then truth knows I loved her

Picnic 4

Into the water soon we went
The two of us got wet:
And how it felt to kiss her
Is a thing I won’t forget

Picnic 5

And passion flowed like water
On an endless smiling sea;
And soon engulfed the two of us
My true young love and me

Picnic 6

I recall as we dried that she
Had flowers in her hair;
And though the day was long ago
It’s like I still was there

For that first love, that comes but once
Can fade like summer flowers:
But this one memory we share
It is

Picnic 7

Way Back When

All the applause has died…

Empty Arena

There’s no one cheering anymore,
All the applause has died;
Here in this grand abandoned place
Anamneses abide

I walk the field of glory,
With my memories in tow;
And soak in spectral accolades
From long, long years ago

Loud kudos to the conquering ones!
They shout for all their worth —
The days when we were champions
True giants of
The earth

Very Early Memory

Crawling on the ground.

Early Memory

Was flat upon my chest
And crawling on the ground
Trying to keep
My small head down

My brother in the grass
Dressed up in army green
Back where we
Two could not be seen

And then I heard a crack
And saw him
Like a GI Joe
Left out on the bedroom floor

Motel Shadow

Hearing its name mentioned brought her back memories.

Mentioning the Motel Shadow
Briefly brings a passing pang;
For her tortured teenage lover
In the days rebellion rang

All about her and within her
When defiance, fierce and free
Drove her daily to destruction
Motel Shadow’s canopy

While the former flame had flickered
She her sheltered shyness shed;
He had dithered to addiction
Foremost his fixation fed

Mentioning the Motel Shadow
Was demolished yesterday;
Sudden sorrow in her visage
Just as quickly
Went away

Words of My Mother

About a year after my father passed away.

Breakfast Nook

She looked at me, concerned, but
With a weariness of heart;
Then spoke these words,
Made sacred in her age:

“Life is for the living, son
The dead have played their part;
The play goes on
Although some leave the stage”