The Show Goes On

The show goes on; the dead have played their part. But still we wait for one more cue, or line: Those ne’er said words that we have known by heart, And memorized, as though a valentine That we will never feel in hand, or see. The looked for, listened for, and waited on That will … Continue reading "The Show Goes On"

Raining It In

It’s raining where I work today But I’ll show up and earn my pay Or try to: try to prove my worth As though each day was a new birth But through this pane of glass I see The wild world in front of me And hear the booming thunder roll All things beyond my … Continue reading "Raining It In"

a dancer by the sea

he walked a lonely concrete stair surrounded by barbed wire; the things he thought he knew were gone, and joy had gotten shyer he felt despair, and anger, and a soreness in one knee, when, breathless, at the top, he found a dancer by the sea the music, and her moves, bespoke the truth behind … Continue reading "a dancer by the sea"

The Daily Battles

The daily battles that we fight Are what our lives are, in the end The horrors of the past we hide The present dooms that might impend And as the days and years go by We list events out, name and date And hear the dove of mourning cry For all the lucklessness of fate For death … Continue reading "The Daily Battles"


The Minnesota Ulgingeach Could be called the Lochlannach And no one could object Unless old Gaelic was their crosstalk The power of words resides not in The sounds, which are just noises; But in their meanings, and in how They influence our choices Much feared the Ascomanni And a great bane were the Dene; No … Continue reading "Lochlannach"