For Life

The best advice I’ve never given?
I think that would be
To learn to play an instrument –
Piano, t’was for me –

I practiced in my lonely teens
When life was naught but questions;
Which only then intensified
When I quit taking lessons

As a young college student. I
Would would play by note or ear
Each piece or song that spoke to me
I might happen to hear.

Which came in handy later, when
‘Round about twenty-five
I grew ill and was home alone;
I could at least contrive

To still play music, even though
I, thrombocytopenic*
Could barely move my fingers which
Had grown rather arthritic

But still the music brought some peace
And helped me as I healed –
When I rejoined the human race
From where I’d been concealed

I got back into playing places
I’d not been before;
And met new people, made new friends
And played, and played some more —

But never once did anybody
Say with true intent:
“I sure regret my learning how
To play an instrument”

They rather mostly envied me
What they just saw as talents:
But music had been more than that
It gave my life some balance.

I don’t tell kids or adults that
They all should learn to play:
From what I know of life
They wouldn’t listen anyway —

For loneliness and love of music
Drove me to excel:
What you don’t have the passion for
You never can do well

But music’s never let me down
But has me oft enchanted:
I pray I’ll always love it, and
Take It
For granted

= = = = =

* Thrombocytopenia – extremely low platelet count, in my case due to lupus.