The Olive Table

You tried to tell me many times; I know that now — ‘Twas just so much inveigling To me Why you kept on, I wasn’t sure; I did my thing — I’d made my choice, and I’d be fine – You’d see And while at nights you worried, I Was unconcerned; I squandered my own … Continue reading "The Olive Table"

Welcome, Love

Welcome, love, it’s time to see The price of our mortality The fare we pay to take this ride Where every comfort is supplied To lead us to believe a lie We’ll live this life, and never die From birth to life, and life to death We breathe but just a single breath In time unsullied, lost … Continue reading "Welcome, Love"

A New Day’s Year

There comes a time the frost must fall away; Sometimes the thaw is difficult and slow. Though night be cold, and bitter be the day, With snow and rain, and cutting winds that blow, The sun will work its magic, even so. Remember when the ice your feeling numbs: The heat will come. It will. … Continue reading "A New Day’s Year"

Frozen Rows

I stand amid the frozen rows, And think of long-lost friends; Where stones line up just like these trees And sorrow never ends I stand amid the winter gloom, A hush is on the clearing, I guess that I could join them all, But I’m not volunteering

Ruin In The Woods

Hollow falls the echoed step Through the path that is my way Where nobody ever travels Towards the end of dying day There upon a household ruin Sits the fading hope of them Who once thought to build this castle Amongst moss and root and stem Far away from pallid cities Fast removed from urban … Continue reading "Ruin In The Woods"

Love’s Last Labor

He worked until the day he passed. A man his children barely knew; His son and daughter came back home To do whatever they could do And out there where he’d left it last: The old truck that he’d always had – They sat and watched the sun go down And traded stories of their … Continue reading "Love’s Last Labor"


  One last stop before I go: There’s a place I’d come to know From some movies that I’ve seen, And it’s called “The Boneyard”     Where old aircraft come to die In the desert, side-by-side, To be retooled, or maybe Scrapped for parts     But here dignity is lying, The magnificence of … Continue reading "Boneyard"

Lab Work

A drop of blood, A plate of glass, A microscope, The moments pass Then in the swim, A nascency Of one more day And one more Tragedy

“Tu Fui Ego Eris”

“I was you, you will be me” That’s what the gravestone said — Though it’s been many years, I cannot Get it from my head   Although to know is… commonplace, The fact we all must die — It’s more just knowing, I am him, And he was I