The Playing-Ground

Just outside the park, a man
Is lying on his bed;
Silence, save for all the children’s
Voices in his head —

Old and left for dying, but
The laughter he hears still,
As autumn blows the spirits by,
As Lord knows, autumn will —

For heartbeats are a miracle,
And life a wasted gift,
The people we should hold and love
Are left alone to shift,

The playing-ground is empty, and
The carefree world is vast,
While just outside the park,
Another heart will beat

Its last

Welcome, Love

A Sojourn

Welcome, love, it’s time to see
The price of our mortality
The fare we pay to take this ride
Where every comfort is supplied
To lead us to believe a lie
We’ll live this life, and never die

From birth to life, and life to death
We breathe but just a single breath
In time unsullied, lost in space
To run continually in place
And sometimes see a glimpse above
And say, in pausing – “Welcome, love.”

The Olive Table

You tried to tell me many times;
I know that now —
‘Twas just so much inveigling
To me

Why you kept on, I wasn’t sure;
I did my thing —
I’d made my choice, and I’d be fine –
You’d see

And while at nights you worried, I
Was unconcerned;
I squandered my own life, you
Knew the cost

The olive table, where you sit, is
Teeming now —
For you are there, and I am
Here, and lost

  The voice that I deflected, heard annoyed,
  Is gone. There’s just the morning birds
  And void


Transitions are for those who’re left behind;
The guardians of what has come and gone
Must live upon the banks of life repined,
And make a king or queen of what feels pawn

But she is there, with silence, or with touch
To aid the healing of the sick and sore;
To do, but not to do too overmuch –
To give what’s right, and not give less or more —

The sad, the grieving – these she walks among,
With sores so raw, she often, too, gets stung —
But Love will carry weights where strong men fail:
Not even death
Against it can


They Called to Say…

They called to say you would no longer eat,
Or take your meds, or try to live at all;
The first I ever knew, at last to go
To follow Dad behind the giant wall

We love, but then in parenthood, it seems
That love is asymmetrical and strange;
Yet nothing is more normal than this love
That bonds us past our years, and strength, and range

There comes a time when we must yield the ghost
And move offstage, for all our lines are done;
But how I wish it need not be today,
As do us all – we creatures of the sun

I know I must accept this fate, this choice;
For from you came my reason, and my voice —

  And still I wish it wasn’t – wasn’t so —
  That you would leave,
  And I watch you

  Let go

Ruin In The Woods

Ruin in the Woods

Hollow falls the echoed step
Through the path that is my way
Where nobody ever travels
Towards the end of dying day

There upon a household ruin
Sits the fading hope of them
Who once thought to build this castle
Amongst moss and root and stem

Far away from pallid cities
Fast removed from urban strife
Vanity is still in action
Ruin comes to every life

As I gaze upon this tower
There to build a life around
I connect with those who built it
Just to see it