Red and Green

I married I married an Irish girl
With red red hair and a Celtic name
I traveled I traveled from sea to sea
By bold love to proclaim

I hallowed I hallowed recalescence
The iron the iron it cooled so fast
And left my old heart my gray heart no pretense
And little that would last

She left me she left me one Autumn day
The Irish lass with the red red hair
And the dearg glas cailín from far away
Left with the Samhain air


(“Red and Green” – 11-22-2014)

Inappropriate Poetic Subjects: Moldy Chair

My marketing strategy’s not that great
In naming this bit of verse “Moldy Chair”;
But yet, that’s the photo I’ve chosen, and so,
You all can see what I see there.

Abandoned chair, moldy, with rows on rows
Of flood-damaged houses in Ireland;
A gray sort of dolor hangs in the air,
And out around the bend.

Moldy chair, moldy chair, what a sound.
Tribute to vanity’s filth and shame —
Taking forever our mold with us,
Germ and infection:
Our claim
To fame