she lived the fairy tale.

the “once upon a time” they had was good as good could be: and when they danced their wedding night it was pure ecstasy a long-haired cinderella, and her handsome, charming prince; and in the castle that they built, they had been happy since oh, yes. she lived the fairy tale. the days of love … Continue reading "she lived the fairy tale."

For Life

The best advice I've never given.

I Know

A few things I now know.

Why He Has An Ex-Wife

She told him, “Real men don’t get sick” He said, “That’s ludicrous.” She said, “You’d better get well quick.” He shrugged, “That’s dubious.” She told him, “I know you are fine.” “And just how, may I ask?” She said, “You’re too young to decline.” Then he said, “Kiss my ass. I didn’t ask to be … Continue reading "Why He Has An Ex-Wife"