one too many

there is a walk we all must take although the time be yet unknown, besides the luminescent sea; a place we all must walk alone as chilly turns the living soul into the place the story ends — the family we leave behind, the tales, the struggles, and the friends who look for us, but … Continue reading "one too many"

Snapshot: Passing By

The angry, unsearchable ocean – timeless Winds blowing a gale – unimaginable power generation And two of us, mere humanity, passing by Talking about football

Spent Manic Blossoms

The few, short hours that we get To sit upon the dying grass, The days of sunlight soon to fade, As they, like we, are born to pass – Habitual endearing of Those close enough to plunder — And this, we’ve come to glorify; It sort of makes you wonder A song this morning played, … Continue reading "Spent Manic Blossoms"

I Wandered Into Poetry

I wandered into poetry Since little else made sense; For all the clots and retinues Grew steadily more dense – But here, in this reality, I’ve found it to be true That where our finest speech does naught, The slightest touch Might do     (“I Wandered Into Poetry” – 7-17-2015)

a previous arrangement

how strange the moments are that lead to lies -- those parts we don't acknowledge, or discuss -- or how our fantasies can play us false, or why we think that dynamite will not explode on us

The Dalliance

In destiny, desire’s drone; The dalliance dreamed daily of — To long for what we cannot have, But have instead The things we will not Love