eleven hints (11)

a dragon twists on wings of fire, flowers in the opal clouds, spiraling, then swooping higher, distant until night haze shrouds love my only friend is waiting, tiring at the close of day, like a dragon fire abating as it makes its distant weary way

eleven hints (10)

to stand out from the rest is who you are. you do not wear this like a crown; it is more of a testament to what you've seen than how you let it color your intent. for much is ugly in this life, this way; for we must live within our egosphere and bloom where … Continue reading "eleven hints (10)"

eleven hints (9)

dreary not and solemn never, celebrating what she can; half the distance to forever, measured in a second's span followed on, and leaving after, adoration's full repute; living love and loving laughter, choices just herself to suit special need and general freedom, spanning many kind regards; knowing much, and helping many, fortune's favor in the … Continue reading "eleven hints (9)"

eleven hints (8)

upon the snowy ground he sits to see the sun go down; the day is turning into dusk across the sleepy town the lights come out to show the month, the air is crisp and clear; but he's just glad to see the show or even to be here

eleven hints (7)

even-handed living, walking, doing, loving, hearing, talking even-handed, even-hearted, and so glad we even started

eleven hints (6)

it’s just a scent, an essence, but it fills her with desire most prosaic ancient accidents and analytic splendor on the table. does she think of him? she does, but it is nothing like he wants precursors to a dance, in hazelnut and vague mismatched capitulations. he tells her that it's all a dream; she … Continue reading "eleven hints (6)"

eleven hints (5)

patter, pitter, well, but bitter, deep in throwing a no-hitter, love the heat, but hate the splitter, quitting time, but none’s a quitter little good happens in American courts, little good happens in American courts sibylline on triviata, sails set on the day’s regatta, got some hate, but not a lotta, travesties become errata little … Continue reading "eleven hints (5)"

eleven hints (4)

a wonderwatch, a distant shore, a not-so-little anymore a tiny hand, a growing need, a place to grow, and then concede that time must win out at the last, that now is now, and past is past but love is floating weightlessly beside the ever-changing sea

eleven hints (3)

behold, the critic: who can tell us which are valid feelings so convenient having that today for no device to labor save is more appreciated than keeping thinking for oneself at bay