one that was.

one that was, and two that were: three that met with sorrow — one that is, now two are not: reaching for tomorrow. one that was, who stretches on: carrying a burden love that was is evermore: just behind the curtain

Common Stories – 1

Once, they fed each other cake, Now, all of that seems surreal — Once, they felt each other’s hearts, Now, they each can barely feel Anything for one another: Anything but pain and grief — Once they dreamed of one forever, Wow. Forever turned out to be   Brief

The Darkness Always Comes

Behold, the darkness always comes: Predictable as your next breath, A radio plays far away, And strangers move through shadows — An orange slice, a child’s tears, The beating of forgotten drums: Another hour started light, Behold: the darkness always Comes

in november

i tangled you in snow because you tangled me in dreams; i sought you in november, by a thousand frozen streams you bade me to remember that a heart was made for breaking; despairing winds were blowing, and like me, the leaves were shaking i tangled you in dreams because you mangled me in snow; … Continue reading "in november"

A Heartache Song

Time was, I sang a heartache song Of lonely nights and frozen days; I sought the soul’s poor comfort long, And waited for the new sun’s rays Back then, I dreamed a dream of you, Who’d love me as I truly am — Time was, I sang a hopeful song: Still thinking you might give … Continue reading "A Heartache Song"

Mugged By Love

It picks you up and throws you down It kicks your can all over town It likes to make you think it’s gone Then waylay you on your front lawn It waits in alleys patiently To jump out unexpectedly And slap you with its velvet glove Yes, you, sir – have been mugged by love