orange gretta

in hours spent, just past the orange gretta, in mystery, was his youth there beguiled — when fear was something conquered, just by goodness, and evil understood, though just a child   though picnics might have rains that pour and thunder, and summers spent with friends, their mystery — it all made sense, just past … Continue reading "orange gretta"


He seeks to balm his past...

My Name Is Oscar Smuff

Ninety nears I’ve had bad press My name is Oscar Smuff; You have been told that I’m a mess And I have had enough I am a great detective I was topmost in my class; My bow ties are quite stylish As is my bushy mustache Who is this W. Dixon guy Who has it … Continue reading "My Name Is Oscar Smuff"

Hidden Gold

Do you believe in hidden gold? Because I know I do — Behind the sadness and the pain A glimmer will shine through A child’s dreams, as I have said, Will find gilt in the grief: As we¬†must turn in hope at last And cling on to Belief