a straight poison meant to kill more of her good cells than such healthy ones as linger surrounded by their friends, listening to the slow dripping, as this vestige of medieval medicine works its way through her spirit and veins

autumn scene

swamps red with reeds in autumn placemats on tables set for sleeping green giants as the clouds, the original blimps, soar above —

barbed wire

a fence that bites, despising anyone who tries to enter through or over it — a sign of real unwelcoming: written with metal and twisted into sheer pain

{ the last wave }

wind moves your hair so softly taking it all in the vast expanse of the ocean the reaching of clouds all gathered within your glance and turn spray kicking with your pirouette the ballet of the waves and you receding again gathering for one more time to make a moment within this frail life of … Continue reading "{ the last wave }"

strong / arch

strong arch still lets the sunlight peek through as needed for in yielding does real strength lie

Pirouetting through Calumny

Vague Shapes Floating Weightlessly Summoning madness Pirouetting through calumny Another vestige Of discord Limping Back Home

pizza seduction

light crust, butter, pesto sauce, and roasted peppers that know how to seduce a man

green / sky

green sky glowing overhead; these strange northern lights haunt my sleeping and waking dreams – these strange northern lights overhead: glowing, sky green

sail / on

sail on when things seem frozen; let ill winds move you and experience the freedom that comes with knowing the winter can’t stop you now