Original Poems

How Did I Miss Seeing It?

Here I am again, then – very young
And wandering the beaches of my youth;
My father, with his Kodak, took this picture
And I thought nothing of it then, in truth

The wonder of a sea so vast and teeming;
Of sand so white, with so much sky above —
Does not today seem to me as astounding
As how it was I missed
My father’s love

Original Poems

To My Son

We walked along
You gabbling with joy
Your hand in mine
When you were just a boy

In days of flowers
There among the wood,
I took it in
But never understood

Somehow, I lost you then,
But didn’t see it;
Amid the brightness of
Each perfect day

I loved you, but I lost you,
Never knowing
The sorrows waiting
Just around the way

I love you more than life,
But I have failed you;
For blinded by my pride,
I didn’t see —

That I had lost you to
The ghosts and demons,
I loved you,
But I failed you,