To Try the Sky

A boy, I marveled at the clouds, So strange and wondrous in the sky; I’d spread my arms and try to fly, Admired by the watching crowds. I knew that I would not stay small, One day my shoes would scuff their fluff — But now that I am large enough, I rarely look at … Continue reading "To Try the Sky"

A Living Place

The world was once alive to me, Its beauty and its pow’r; In bits of random scenery: In lake, and dock, and flow’r My world was once a living place, Ere I became so jaded — For I gave in to blindness, well Before my light Had faded

Last Glimmer

Truth seeking summer – Water’s edge, a last glimmer, And heart gone empty


I've asked for this one thing so many times...

The Lie That Sinketh In

[I would apologize to Francis Bacon for using his quote this way, but he was kind of a jerk. – Owen] You want lies? For I have many – Some, I’ve not yet Used at all – Or is it The truth you’re seeking? Truth, that gray and Solemn pall That will cover All that … Continue reading "The Lie That Sinketh In"