I’m Really Glad You’re Happy

I’m really glad you’re happy
I’ve worried about you
I know we’re very different
The things we’ve each been through

For trouble’s lined your pathway
With much that was not good;
And decisions that you’ve made
I never really understood

But I have always loved you
That’s unlikely to cease;
I’m really glad you’re happy
And finally found
Some peace

Working Like A Dog (Or A Cat)

Some people work like dogs do,
They run and run and run —
They always work in packs, too;
Alongside everyone

And others work like cats will:
They rest up on some shelf,
Then suddenly they’ll sprint to kill,
JustĀ himself or herself

The dogs think cats are lazy,
A natural enemy;
The cats think dogs are crazy,
And waste their energy

The Richest Man in Town

I know the richest man in town
He talks to me whene’er we pass;
I know the poor who come for food
Or might need cash for power or gas

Or might not have a home at all.
I know them all, and they know me,
And yet I’m no one special, just
One member of humanity

Within this club that we call life,
Some sit up front, some in the back;
I’ve been both places in my days,
I know from plenty and from lack

It is our choices – good and bad –
That make up who we are, I feel;
And money, class, these other things –
Are not distinctions that are real

Just bits of pride we hold on to.
We live, we choose, we rise, we fall;
We care about each other, or
We think that we’re above it all

But we are not, we’re all the same.
There is a lens that shows us so:
So be we fools, or wise, or rich, or poor –
We still have each
Our long, long ways
To go

A Lovers’ Quarrel

She’s hears his angry words sound in her head,
That at the root is her rigidity:
That she’s not normal wanting what she wants,
To need romance is just frigidity

Now, it’s not wrong to ask for what you want:
For him or her, or anyone, she’d say —
But when your wants diverge, you have to talk,
And not resort to games to get your way

Out on this country lane she clears her head,
The winter has been hard, with more in store;
She isn’t looking forward to this talk,
But she’s not backing down: