Fateful Night

A pizza place. A group of guys
And girls from local theater;
We went out after our first show,
And I had drunk a few –

The song playing was “Red Red Wine”.
We stood beside the jukebox there;
I told her I wrote songs myself,
And she could hear them now

If she came over to my place.
And she said, “yes,” so off we went.
I know that I’d had too much beer
For me to be so brash –

We’d known each other many weeks –
She’d flirted with me oftentimes –
But all of my attention had
Been elsewhere at the time;

But now, alone and feeling right,
We went back to my place and did
As many men and women since
Have done in such a case –

I didn’t know (I couldn’t know)
The heartaches there in store for me,
How difficult a job we’d have
Raising children together –

If I gone home straightaway,
Or drank a Diet Coke, instead –
I’d have no sons, and I would be
A different – very different – me

= = = = =

(… a prompted post …)

what nature’s telling you

It’s time to go.

the day is cold and empty, and
the trees are staring down
upon as you’re driving by
beneath a blue and vacant sky
just headed back to town

the hills seem so forbidding, and
they seem to call your name
and tell you that it’s time to go
something i think that we both know
there is no one to blame

what happened, happened and we know
there’s no resetting back to “if”
for sometimes we drive safely on
and others we drive off
the cliff

Life’s Little Decisions

… we all must make them.

I ordered a taco salad tonight
Don’t ask me why, ’cause I don’t know
I’ve never really liked those things
And they sure don’t like me

So I now, I stop to contemplate
Other decisions I have made
That I could not really explain
And why it comes to be

That things we might do on a whim
Will shape our feelings for some time
And may weigh heavily on us
Like taco salad does

Turn Aside

We set out for the possible…

We set out for the possible
With ardor as our guide;
Sometimes there is no obstacle
But yet we turn aside

Sometimes we feel, as we get close
We need to turn about;
Or maybe, still continue on,
But on a different route

Not that we did not want to go
Wherever we were going;
But some things, we just think we know
Before there’s any knowing

We set out for the possible,
Our place in history;
But let our limits keep us from
All that we’re meant
To be