Blank Verse

The way I work is pointlessly obsessed, Extracting detail from the commonplace – To see the outline of what isn’t there: Projecting, pushing, prodding, putting on — Do you, friend, find reality too much? I must have my imaginings at times; I do believe that signs and stains are one, And we break habits, or … Continue reading "Blank Verse"

5 Times 5

One last time: She was the maid-of-honor, I Was organist. She stopped to ask me How I’d been since graduation, she Was now engaged, the wedding in a year. But I’d been sick, and she Could tell, much thinner, covered up in clothes, As summer wedding: no real time for layers. “You don’t look well,” … Continue reading "5 Times 5"

5 Times 4

It ended; she’d met someone else, And I was not that broken up. It turns out he was there, out at Her parents’. A neighbor, in her old hometown, Marine now, tall and rangy guy — And we were friends again, The way that goes. I’d see her: music theory class, Her headphones on, as … Continue reading "5 Times 4"

5 Times 3

I walked into her parents’ house just Two days after Christmas; I’d made the strange four hour drive To see her in that place — Her parents were the sweetest, nicest people. I was her “new boyfriend” And I met fifty relatives, it felt like; All these names and faces, it was quite bewildering. And … Continue reading "5 Times 3"

5 Times 2

Walking by the river, down from campus, near The aging fishing bridge, we stopped: We hadn’t really talked yet much, and I Was asking what her dreams were, and her plans — She worked in radio, but not yet How and where she planned on doing; She was a writer, a speaker, a thinker, Who … Continue reading "5 Times 2"

5 Times 1

You tell me. I was nineteen, And she was more than life itself: I would have cut my arm off, given All my limbs to science, just To be beside her, everyday. But this was not a forlorn hope: It was fulfilled, and day on day It just got better, better, like A string of … Continue reading "5 Times 1"

Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)

[I had completely forgotten this poem and the event it refers to. At the time, I would not have thought that possible, so hard did it hit me. – Owen] One night, you gave yourself to me   the next night you had gone away I do not understand I do not understand at all … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 24 (Edited)"