In Art’s Defense

There are many who have the proclivity To claim art has no real objectivity And it’s true, but it seems rather trivial To condemn as not-real the convivial

The Creative Impulse

It is better to make poor beauty than great ugliness     When you love the arts, you love people who love the arts         Color and symmetry are food and drink for the human soul             A pen can do almost anything in the hands of … Continue reading "The Creative Impulse"

Classroom Art

I love the arts that have no name, Like teacher’s decorations: Their creativity and joy And all the endless patience That goes into the worlds they make Within their classroom walls — The color and the order, and The winters, springs, and falls That come into crepe paper life To reach out to young hearts. … Continue reading "Classroom Art"

a dancer by the sea

he walked a lonely concrete stair surrounded by barbed wire; the things he thought he knew were gone, and joy had gotten shyer he felt despair, and anger, and a soreness in one knee, when, breathless, at the top, he found a dancer by the sea the music, and her moves, bespoke the truth behind … Continue reading "a dancer by the sea"