Mannequin Depressive

she stands in a long slow line at the grocery store
looking at magazine covers
where fabulous actresses and fitness models
in all their airbrushed glory
gaze out at her vacuously

and she looks sadly at her cart
which is both kale- and tofu-deficient
and thinks she could stand to lose a couple of pounds

an aging actress
currently to be seen on one of those magazine covers
who has been dating a 24-year-old airheaded man-bimbo
is waiting in an equally long line
to get lip injections

while her man-bimbo
is having sex with her personal assistant

(Originally published July, 2014)

Private Thoughts of the Award-Winner

You’re all applauding
That’s nice
But you don’t really know me, do you?

The people who know me best
They’re not that crazy about me

Oh, I want to be loved
But I want it my way
And my way
Seems to hurt other people

I’ll say my words now
I’ve been practicing
I was pretty sure I would win
Emotional pause, here
Tearful look in my eyes, there
I am in the business after all
But then, so are all of you

I fein emotions for a living
And this – this is just another role
Just another “adoring crowd”

But the applause will soon die
And the superstar will collapse into nothing but clothes
And this bitter, frozen hulk of a human being
Will go back home
To a house that dreads his return


We can change many things. […]

Some people loathe the way they look,
The sound of their own voice:
And dream of worlds in which such things
Are more matters of choice

But while we can change many things,
It’s unwise to pretend
That we are different than we are,
It does not well portend –

For we can’t hide our substance, merely
With a new format:
No more than baldness can be hidden
Just wearing
A hat

Photo on 1-28-16 at 5.10 AM

The Changing Face

Rorschach of Watchmen

We all wear a changing face
To reflect what we’ve been through
Whatever we escape – or chase –
Our visage is akin to

For though we may imagine
That we author our own book
The changing face of Time decides
Exactly how we’ll look