fourteen times

the story and the metastory always, it’s about her   and about her knowing it’s about her so much kindness in her voice, arrogance   only specious in intentional   vacating of previously occupied   territory ceded to the opposition transactional analysis, used   to good effect upon mountains of   regret and underneath umbrellas … Continue reading "fourteen times"

by slow intense

by slow intense apocrypha she let herself be known; he tried to see the bigger way, but soon his mind was blown out of proportion, everywhere; he’d lost his stock-in-trade — by slow intense infatuation his last bed was made

The Electric Runabout

Learn how new The old new things seemed, And understand the veil That hides us from ourselves We’re all dropped into The middle of stories, We all have roles With inconsistent characters When the lights are flashing And the music’s pumping, We move because That’s all life is — Sometimes. Did you once shake The … Continue reading "The Electric Runabout"

somewhere, beyond

i somewhere loved where you beyond as elbows scraped against the clouds and seldom echoes skimmed the pond as showed off they their final shrouds   i do not rave or scan the skies for last you night the score was known; as where the we storm rages, cries, sits one some we you i … Continue reading "somewhere, beyond"