In Art’s Defense

There are many who have the proclivity To claim art has no real objectivity And it’s true, but it seems rather trivial To condemn as not-real the convivial


Entering for the first time, we saw a room, big and new, that smelled of newness and spare furniture; its most conspicuous feature was a series of brightly colored tiles covering most of the back wall. These followed no pattern my eyes could make out, but I was fascinated by them: it was as though, … Continue reading "Tiles"

Is That A Work of Art?

She asked me, “So — Is that a work of art?” I said I thought it was, Most certainly. She said, “It’s broken — Even kind of random –“ “But broken’s beautiful To those Who see” Photo credit: © Elena Egorova |

beauty is its own excuse

in jeweled patterns, colors all, a stopping place for druther — for beauty is its own excuse, it really needs no other