A Bit More Luck

I've been drunk now, here, for weeks; Money's almost gone, but still, All I need is one big score -- All it takes is time, and will Money comes in slow, but here Anything can happen, fast: All I need's a bit more luck, Things will break my way At last

I Am An Addict’s Father

There is no feeling so lonely As being the only one left Who believes But I have to believe That you can come back That there still is a “you” To come back Actions become indolence Words become lies Lies become the story And as to the rest God only knows what will come I … Continue reading "I Am An Addict’s Father"

another great wall

in disrepair, neglected, emptied out of much of value, a part of town where you and i don’t go in corners made for sitting, and in windows stark and glaring, a couple of chip wrappers and some blow in kindergarten, once, there were some gold stars and a ribbon, a child disremembered and abjured in … Continue reading "another great wall"

Sex Addiction

Note: I have not been paid by the American Psychiatric Association to post these thoughts, although I have used their doctors from time-to-time. - Owen

Motel Shadow

Hearing its name mentioned brought her back memories.