Falling, In Love

[Originally posted May, 2018. 30 days of prose, day 10. – Owen] Falling in love is like stepping off of a flying airplane; them loving you back would be the parachute. But that parachute doesn’t always open. Splat. Love in relationships always comes with risk. We can’t know what others are really thinking, and we … Continue reading "Falling, In Love"


Listen. Hear the ocean breathing. Sync your own breathing up to it. This is what it is to be alive. What comes, goes; what comes into being, passes away. Life is ebb, then flow, then ebb again. All life. Yours and mine, and everyone else’s. Time is the ocean we all live in, and time, too, breathes. It’s … Continue reading "Listen"

Snow Hollow

Mid-December of that year, he decided to go to the cabin anyway. For much of that year, after his wife Angie’s death in late January, he had done virtually nothing. He was surrounded by memories of her at every turn, and that was where he wanted and needed to be. She had been sick for a long time, “so … Continue reading "Snow Hollow"

Complimentary Medicine

I read in a book that words of affirmation are a way of showing love. So now I walk around all day aggressively shouting, “OK, SURE, RIGHT!” People don’t seem to find it all that affectionate. I think “words of affirmation” are what used to be called compliments. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with compliments. It reminds … Continue reading "Complimentary Medicine"

Pretty Much Impossible

It’s pretty much impossible not to love her. Ok, sure, she comes behind me and opens blinds I’ve been closing. “There’s still light,” she says. “That’s starlight.” “Well. Even so.” “Dear, that’s — kinda crazy.” “I am a creature of the light.” “Ok, then, just… close ‘em before you come to bed.” “How ‘bout I … Continue reading "Pretty Much Impossible"

Everything… and Nothing

It was only three weeks, but he was absolutely in love. Love, however, doesn’t always flow both ways. It had been a late April day when he was stopped after class by one of his professors and told he was needed as an emergency replacement to accompany a flutist at her upcoming senior recital. Her regular accompanist had broken a … Continue reading "Everything… and Nothing"