The Heavy Rain Is Gone

You wonder…

Heavy Rain

You wonder why I still seem “off”,
You thought we worked that through.
We did: but it will still take time
For me to be like new.

I know the storm has passed, but please
Remember this always:
E’en when the heavy rain is gone,
The waters roil for days

In The Deeps of Yesterday

“… back there, where you used to play”


There’s a truck out on the lawn
Back there where you used to play
When you were a little child
In the deeps of yesterday

In the trees beside the fence
Where the sunbeams never stray
Lie the things that you forgot
In the deeps of yesterday

Notches on the closet door
Showed your height along the way
But that closet long has slumbered
In the deeps of yesterday

Boys and girls and men and women
Grow and flourish and decay
And then lose a life of feeling
Mind’s decline, all mem’ries stealing
Lost in time with senses reeling
In the deeps of yesterday


So many hands that ever turned this faucet….

So many hands that ever turned this faucet

Have gone to rest, they’re sleeping underground;

Or had their ashes spread upon the desert,

With only wind for company, or sound —


We all get our few turns here at the faucet,

But don’t be fooled by rust, neglect or age;

How many turns we get, there is no knowing,

Just our few lines, and then

We leave the stage

The Varsity

A vital part of the Atlanta scene.

The year that my father was born
The Varsity got its start;
And eighty-six years later
It is still a vital part

Of the Atlanta scene – the largest
Drive-in anywhere.
You should stop in and try it
If you happen to be there

It’s strange to think throughout the lives
Of my father and me
That place has stood there all this time
A drive-in redwood tree


No matter how we were before.


The theory should be prevalent
That time is a dishevelant
No matter how we were before
We don’t look that good anymore

Because time has a careless way
Of leaving us in yesterday;
Bewildered, then we look around
As new tomorrows weigh us down