In the Silence

I drive now in the silence And watch the shadows grow; The only sound’s an echoing Of many years ago From when I strayed and wildered And didn’t understand That honor’s all there really is To make a man A man

Depression’s Madness

[Originally posted 9-3-2014. – Owen] Blankness presses down on me And all seems but futility The light that lately shone is gone And much there is to dwell upon Of friendships lost and jobs half-done Of contests I have never won The sound of lambs beside the sea I always hear nocturnally And dull blue … Continue reading "Depression’s Madness"

Hallways : Luxury Hotel

How did I ever end up here? It’s like a sort of fantasy – And yet, these halls are real, And this is happening to me But sill, life’s downs and ups They are but little understood: And when I wasn’t looking Things turned Good

Starrs Mill

With life too much, I drove out here To see what I could see — The river only flows one way, And so, my friends, Do we     (“Starrs Mill” – 5-15-2017)


the landscape far below me now the brightest things are swimming pools far over all these earthly woes and pale concerns of early hours to meditate upon the fact that much of where we’re desperate is quite pathetic in the sense that real and image are mismatched for how we love within our minds to … Continue reading "Floating"

Shower Thoughts

… Oh, good, hot water tonight … One night, I will take my last shower Not tonight — probably not It’s kind of weird to think about Will I be old and tired And feel like I’m about to die? Or will it sneak up on me and … Almost out of shampoo … I … Continue reading "Shower Thoughts"

Superpower Sunrise

I’m fifty-four, and still wish I could fly; Toward the rising sun; across the sky — I wish for other super-pow’rs as well; Like wishing I could save you From yourself