You’ve always seen yourself as plain, Yet I see beauty to reveal: Not flaws, but marks that show a life And all you’ve felt, or yet may feel, For what is obvious to me Of you in whole, and in each part, Is the plain gold that is your worth And that great glory that … Continue reading "Plain"

through towers

all these thoughts that pass through towers wires cables satellites these empassioned words and feelings concentrated into bytes bounced around like balls or feathers verse and song and idiom all these thoughts that pass through towers on towards oblivion

leveraged mockery

the last lone bird at sunset come to pick whatever’s left or right upon the winter docking bay, the guiding edge of light and night — this age is likely better now: we thrive on leveraged mockery and straggle on to pick our line toward prison or the lottery

{ the next inhabitants }

emptied of the cardboard crates, the feelings that went with this place are gone. the next inhabitants will not know of the toys we found in cushions, nor will they still hear the songs we sang at bed. the room transforms into the shape of they who breathed and dwelt therein, but now returns to … Continue reading "{ the next inhabitants }"

the last small town

we idolize sometimes the past, the virtues of another age, the last small town of memory, the worn or missing page of long-lost lore we used to know, whereby our dreams were built -- but innocence is just a different way to dress up guilt

A Place to Launch

Another phase, another type of platform, A place to launch, a time to say goodbye; A thousand things we meant to do, but didn’t, The Fir-tree and The Catcher In The Rye   The literary lessons learned in losing, The hopes of soaring ‘neath a brand new sky — Another phase, another type of platform, … Continue reading "A Place to Launch"

A Carol By The Sea

The morning comes in misty joy, Although I wake still holding on to sadness — But this is life. The ride, the trip: Where all our sanity is tinged with madness The waves are wide and call my name, Although it’s not the name that I’ve been using; For treasures are where treasures lie, Although … Continue reading "A Carol By The Sea"