Snapshot: Boy Reading At The Library

Library Reader - Hardy Boys

The faint vanilla smell of a library
Running fingers lightly over the tops of books
Looking at titles and covers
Hoping to fall in love

A purple cover and an arresting title
Pulled off the shelf, the first page read
Then pages start turning as fast as eyes can read
Soon unaware of anything, except the story

And a boy reading in the library
Unites the generations
Travels time and space
And expands his own mind
While sitting quietly on the floor

Midnight Migration

Across the cloudy moonlit sky,
As midnight tolls the hour of doubt,
In long formation, headed out,
A seagull flock goes flying by

They know they must, and so they fly,
The restlessness, it drives them on,
As my mind echoes, still, till dawn
The gull-at-midnight’s