Amid the Winter Stars

He walks amid the winter stars,
His feet are clad with snow and ice;
Away from critics, kings, and cars
Is somewhere he calls paradise

The solitude is like a salve,
There’s joy in all he’s come to have;
He stretches – though he’s still the scars –
And walks amid the winter stars


Astrogony she’s studied long:
The origins of worlds and stars —
The heavens greet her with a song
In timeless mystic reservoirs

A dance among celestial climes,
The peace that comes at end of times,
She climbs to heaven on a string,
A girl in love with everything

(“Astrogony” (as·trog·o·ny) – the theory of the origin of stars. – Owen)

Attention Deficit

Wheree’er she is, she isn’t there;
Distracted easily, and fast,
Her mind is always off somewhere,
Although that, too, will rarely last —

“It’s a disorder,” she’s heard said,
But more like order in her head:
To take each fleeting thought at face,
And never stay too long one place