I Was The Worst

Bad Date

There is a world called “dating” –
I was once there immersed –
But if there had been rating,
I would have been the worst

Worse than the guy with the mullet,
Worse than the guy with the plaid –
I was so socially backward
That it was truly sad

For someone who should have known better,
Who knew how to talk and relate –
But somehow, it just wouldn’t happen
Whenever I went on a date

So if you have had dating nightmares
Whose ill-effects haven’t dispersed
Be glad that I wasn’t one of them
For I believe I was the worst


[Inspired by this post]

Changing Fashion

Fashion Thoughts

He laughed at her
For her oft-changing fashion
That last year’s clothes
Were no good anymore

And thought it an example
Of how shallow she was
And always would be

As for her?
She believed in doing good
And always tried to live it
Appearance was just expression
And as she shed her old ways
She changed how she appeared

Meanwhile —
She noticed that he
Kept changing ethics –
His so-called core beliefs
Depending on intellectual fashions

You know, I think,
Perhaps —
Her type of fashion’s
Better after all

That One Night

Couple after the rain

Funny thing about that night –
I had known her for so long
But somehow I’d never noticed
Just how wonderful she was

But then – everything was right;
We both felt a pull so strong –
A chance that was once remotest,
Now? More probable than cause

And that night we came together
Sunk back down then came again;
Twisting in the night like ivy
Tangled up like fishing wire

But we came and went like weather
Never got back what had been;
We had acted too unwisely
And been burned by one night’s fire

The Funny Thing About Love Is…


Real lovers
Respect each other
Real lovers also
Can laugh about their failings
With each other

The respect comes first
And remains at last
The laughter of lovers
Can bring cleansing

It is a fine line
Laughing at each other
But love
And only love
Can turn laughter
Into joy