People love to lie.

People love to lie because
They know it gives them power;
They use lies to seduce and
To entrap and to devour

They lead fake online lives
That stretch beyond mere pseudonyms;
And play out where the old are young
And where the “she’s” are “him’s”

And often, they’re convinced
The lies they tell are really true;
Or so important, it excuses
Everything they do

And lying’s so ubiquitous
It’s all of a degree
What constitutes a fraud
Or someone real (like you or me)

Or maybe we’re all liars
A distinctly human art
Just telling stories ’round the fire
At heart


For a description of the phenomenon of “catfishing” look here.

Stood Up

This should only happen once.

Stood Up

Half-dressed up, but now she finds
She’s got no place to go;
And lying there, she wonders why
So often it is so

But she will miss the obvious.
Of that, I have no doubt:
A man who breaks his promises
She’s better off

fame is not real

not like people think.

fame is not real
but being famous is

it is the reality
of a sick fascination
among strangers
for what they think
your life is

without having any idea

it is also the reality
of their coming to resent
the pretend life
they always imagined you having