Assumptions (5)

She wakes to squalor, A smell of burnt coffee, And a baby crying next door. She has a cold, or at least, She hopes it’s a cold: She can’t afford anything worse. On the way to work, She sees people staring at their phones, Walking dogs, yelling at drivers, Waving to friends. She passes by … Continue reading "Assumptions (5)"

Assumptions (4)

Where does this idea come from, that We get in life what we deserve? Not from observation, certainly. Does she deserve to only dream Of a roof that doesn’t leak, or indeed, A roof and walls at all? (Assumption: “Poor people deserve it.”)

Assumptions (3)

“Oh, this younger generation,   Duckface selfies, shallowness,   Vanity — it is no wonder   That this world is such a mess.” Her friend receives the silly picture, and laughs: They make fun of these types of photos all the time. Best friends growing up: one now a pilot, the other Still in school, … Continue reading "Assumptions (3)"

Assumptions (2)

Math is easy, always has been: Science, language, everything — But she feels alone, and different. Like a stretched and fraying string, She is at her very limits. There’s a guy she likes, but he Likes cheerleaders and won’t notice When she wins the spelling bee. So tomorrow, she’ll stop seeming Quite so smart, she’ll … Continue reading "Assumptions (2)"

Assumptions (1)

From the beginning, she was everything. He listened to her carefully, and understood Her pains, her passions, and her complex history. He loved her for her candor, and her wit: And gave to her in ways he did not know He had in him. She got the best He had to offer: genuine caring, and … Continue reading "Assumptions (1)"