The World’s Oldest Addiction

Prayer Circle

This isn’t about politics

But, with humans:

Having power over others
And being corrupted by it
Are virtually synonyms

We must refuse power at first
Or, like any other addiction,
It will consume us

For when we try to control others
We lose control of ourselves

For it is only
In embracing powerlessness over others
That we find:




True humanity

Different Paths, Same Trip

Grave Path

Power, freedom, responsibility, diminishment, and death
This is the typical journey from childhood to the grave —
If we are granted that much time

Small children see that bigger people have more power,
And they want to acquire it

Teens see freedom as the big prize of the next age:
Freedom to do as they want
With whom they want
When they want

Young adults realize that the next stage for them,
Whether in a job or with a family, or both
Is one of taking on more responsibility.

Adults toward the end of their working years
Realize that physical and mental breakdown
And diminishment of capability
Comes with aging

And, at the end of it all
Is the inevitable

We all travel different paths
But we’re all on the same trip