A Critic’s Response to “She Pulled It Off”

Never let it be said we don’t give time to opposing viewpoints here. – Owen


(Never let it be said we don’t give time to opposing viewpoints here. – Owen)

Dear Mr. Servant:

This post I found offensive.
For it seemed to provide
A woman with no clothes on.
At least, that was implied.

I do not read your poetry
For mere licentiousness;
“She pulled it off,” indeed.
Your whole dang blog’s become a mess.

I will not be a party to
Some other WordPress whore:
So cancel my subscription,
I’m not reading anymore.

I read these words in wonder.
Could this person be real?
The woman in that piece had just
Pulled off a business deal.

Which her close friends had doubted.
I thought it only zen
To celebrate her talent and
Her business acumen.

But somehow, he saw something else
Not a pure celebration;
But poets always have been prone
To misinterpretation.

But wait a minute, one more thing,
I knew that sounded funny –
This guy had a subscription?
Who’s been getting
All the money?

You Are Letting Me Go?…

Inspired by a post by a blogger I do not know, and who I hope will forgive me.

[Inspired by this post.  I do not know the author, so I hope she accepts my apology in advance for using her post in such a manner. – Owen]

= = = = = | = = = = =

You say you don’t deserve me, and
That I deserve much more:
But yet it’s only you I’ve ever wanted.

And so it is your fault, but it is
Me that’s out the door.
I must admit it – for all of your vaunted

Honesty, I have to say, that I am not convinced.
Except for one thing:
That you don’t want me.

So write me off, unable to stem your dissatisfaction:
Condemn the man you say
You’re setting free