Into the Arena


Early and dark, Arena lies
In shadows — Long and empty halls
Where later, streams of bubbling crowds
Pour into seats in rivulets;
But dark, Arena lies.

The girl who dreams, the boy who sleeps,
They rise and tumble, lift and fall;
And later, stand enormous, proud —
But now lie calmly at their rest;
The girl who dreams, the boy who sleeps.

Live for life for heaven’s sake
Find the time your chance to take
Bring your heart, your will to soar,
Or don’t come near Arena’s door.

Bright in the sun, Arena waits
And welcomes all who come its way
Although most never win its game
The countless still line up to try —
Bright in the sun, Arena waits.

Arena lights up with the night
To win, to lose, to gain, to pay;
To wander in without a name
And leave with one money can’t buy —
Arena lights up with the night.

Live for life for what is worth
Take your shot at joy and mirth
Bring your passion through the door
And play out on Arena’s floor.

Two Poems – “Rondo” and “The Great Invisible”



The story’s new, the day has just begun
And eyes shine brightly in the morning sun
Which runs its smooth quotidian arc
To hand the same old story to the dark.



I am the great invisible –
Not a part of any story,
Biding in no category,
Somewhere, lost in inventory,
Covered up, inside a drawer:

I am the great invisible –
Advance words, but you repel them,
Have vague hopes, but you dispel them,
Comments – but then I misspell them,
Taken into un-rapport.

I am the one who isn’t here –
Never, never I assail you,
I don’t try, so I don’t fail you,
Passing by, I will not hail you,
I, your conscience guarantor.

I am the great, although unseen –
I the one who’s never harried,
Always dragged, and never carried
When asleep, or when I’m buried
I’m no less when I’m no more.

The Inevitable


Life is a night
Dreams fade in and out of focus – drifting –
Flights of freedom; visions of passion;
The heart moves; the heart breaks;
While time goes by unnoticed.
Knowing the alarm will ring – we may even know when –
It surprises us when it comes, nonetheless.
The morning comes, inevitable.