Youthful Passions: Jumping Into a Pool


Jump in, climb out, jump in, climb out
And all day on repeat;
To admit you were tired was
To admit to defeat

So cannonballs and Frankensteins
Were choices two and one;
Some people dove in head first, but
That wasn’t that much fun

Pretending you got shot was good,
Catching balls in the air;
Karate kicks got extra, as did
Jumping off a chair

The skills involved were manifold
Some borderline occult;
Like how to leap-frog tables, and
Not be seen by adults

So many things we dared to do
So few we wouldn’t try
For just that single moment
When we felt like we could fly

Youthful Passions: The Hardy Boys

The Secret Warning

I loved these books when I was young,
The thought of fighting crime;
And in them, traveled ’round the world
And decades back in time

I loved to solve each mystery
To defend right and truth;
As Frank and Joe became my friends
And I became a sleuth

And with these two friends by my side
We faced a thousand scrapes:
For every mystery we solved
There were six great escapes

We helped out old man Applegate,
We went to Baffin Bay;
But some there are who still don’t know
The force of child’s play

To read and to imagine is
Our powers to extend –
For us to become anything
At first, we must pretend


Why, Indeed

Why should I come home?  he texts,

There is nothing for me there.

So there’s not: there’s only us,

Only moments we could share.

Only life and only living,

Only taking, resting, giving.

But I know it’s too much bother

So, don’t bother.


Your Father

Text Message


"The Life-Line" - Winslow Homer
“The Life-Line” – Winslow Homer

The wind, it sings a distant song
From far over the sea;
It’s asking, who is answerable
To help humanity?

Is it the rich? The scientists?
Is it the government?
Or is it all of us who share
This global circus tent?

I feel the answer in the wind
That blows o’er hill and lea;
Each name that’s called I will not know,
But one of them is me.


Children sleeping in Mulberry Street (1890). Courtesy of Wikipedia.

In every land and time we know:

That there’ll be rich and poor,

That freedom and security
Will always be at war,

That people will be good and bad,

That they’ll be false and true,

That kids will break their parents’ hearts,

And have theirs broken, too

Why He Has An Ex-Wife

Looking Out

She told him, “Real men don’t get sick”
He said, “That’s ludicrous.”
She said, “You’d better get well quick.”
He shrugged, “That’s dubious.”

She told him, “I know you are fine.”
“And just how, may I ask?”
She said, “You’re too young to decline.”
Then he said, “Kiss my ass.

I didn’t ask to be like this
It’s not what I had planned –
It isn’t something I enjoy
It’s something I can’t stand.

I know for now, that all of this
Is what I must go through:
I’m sick because I am, and now
On top, I’m sick of you.”