Threads of Realization – 3

Everything is riven.



Is riven by evil


Are filled with it to their remotest corners

And answers —

We seek them, as to why

There is so much that is bad in the world

But the real thing


Is why there is anything good

At all

A Date (Part 5)



… Finally the sunshine streams
Through the window by the bed
And it feels like years of dreams
Have jumped to life from in my head

You might think these passion pictures
Fantasy – normal for men:
But they happened, and I think I’m
Pretty sure
They will

A Date (Part 4)

Yearning like I’ve never had…

Sudden Appearance

… Kisses, many, led us here
Finally, when you appear

I do not see you at first
When I do, a hunger, thirst

Yearning like I’ve never had
Fills my heart and drives me mad

With desire. Then we go
To fill the burning night with snow

Passions streaming on the air

A Date (Part 3)

Now, it’s time.


… Now it’s time, my little miss
Time for you and I to kiss
Time to feel your lips on mine
Take the promise of the wine

To first pleasures of the night
Kissing you, it feels like flight
Soaring high, above distress
Kissing you is lavishness…

A Date (Part 2)

No place I’d rather go.


… What is happening, I don’t know

There’s no place I’d rather go

As I sit here, mesmerized

By those lips, that shape, those eyes

As you pull me into you

There’s only one thing to do

That’s surrender to the bliss

Wanting only more of this…

A Date (Part 1)

It is hard to believe.


I find it quite hard, believing
That we’re here now

You, you’re looking quite fantastic
In this place
So close to me

And this wine helps keep us present
In the moment
In the now

Then as we first start in touching
Lightly, softly
I allow

Thoughts, that enter in great numbers
Firm, insistent
In my mind

That there’s only you and me tonight,
What will we find?…

On Reading A Certain Blog

My friend, I do not know you…

Reading A Blog

My friend, I do not know you
I know I never will;
But yet, your fortune plagues me
And it will grieve me still

Because I read the words you write
The doorway to your soul;
Your journey, as yet incomplete
To make
Your spirit