fame is not real

not like people think.

fame is not real
but being famous is

it is the reality
of a sick fascination
among strangers
for what they think
your life is

without having any idea

it is also the reality
of their coming to resent
the pretend life
they always imagined you having

Insomniad #1

Doubts and worries to no end.

I think my mind is not my friend.
It troubles me incessantly
With doubts and worries to no end;
And glows rather fluorescently

When I would rather it be dark
And quiet. In the still of night
It circles ’round me, like a shark;
Each minute, taking one more bite

To wound me in my tired state
And keep me an insomniac:
Who can’t look forward, cannot rest
And cannot bring

If We Could…

If only we could.


If we could

Appreciate people

For what is good about them

Form no judgments

About things that don’t matter

And only take issue

With their faults

It would be an improvement

Since our current approach

Is to hate or envy people

For what’s good about them

Take issue

With things that don’t matter

And form no judgments

About their faults


I am resolved…


And on this day, I do resolve
To live my life correctly;
Create no new problems to solve
Or handle them directly

I see the possibilities
The things that could go wrong;
But I won’t go there. No I won’t.
I’m sure I will be strong…