The Losing Battle

Reality is now.

The Losing Battle

You tell me fighters never ever quit,
And if I won’t, I’ll beat this damned disease.
But I don’t know about that. Not a bit.

I take the time I have to try to squeeze
An extra minute (here or there) of joy;
Because I do not know that I will win.

I’m daily tempted to mock and destroy;
But this I must resist. It is a sin.
You see, maybe, this is what I must face:

That some will wax in life, while others wane.
Reality is now, this time, this space:
The daily, constant company
Of pain

Once He Touched Her Lust

He was surprised.

Touched Her Lust

He was surprised she caved
Because she never had before;
But once he touched her lust
He didn’t need to argue more

She showed him, forcefully
Just how to empty her full cup:
The hours that he’d need
If he was merely
To keep up

Very Early Memory

Crawling on the ground.

Early Memory

Was flat upon my chest
And crawling on the ground
Trying to keep
My small head down

My brother in the grass
Dressed up in army green
Back where we
Two could not be seen

And then I heard a crack
And saw him
Like a GI Joe
Left out on the bedroom floor

Blog Crush

Maybe you won’t admit it.

Blog Crush

Admit it: you’ve had crushes on
Some bloggers that you’ve read:

It is a trick that words can play
Once they are in your head

For there’s no pale reality
Even from back in youth –

To match the pictures in our mind
When we
Don’t know
The truth

A Little Sharp

Critics. Jeez.


According to some twaddlecrat
Out on their YouTube page
In one song, they’re “a little sharp”.
This causes him to rage —

I find this rather humorous
The insults that are hurled
At anyone who’s close to being
The best in the world