Doesn’t Seem The Same

The sun goes down, it’s nothing new.
At least, to you and me;
But someone newer stands and watches
There, beside the sea

Since all that might endgender wonder
Still does what it does,
If it just doesn’t seem the same,
I’m not the guy
I was

A Brief Perspective

I’ve never seen the Taj Mahal,
Or spied the Eiffel Tower;
I’ve never seen the Great (big) Wall
Or a Kensington flower.

I’ve missed so many a famous sight
In strange exotic foreign climes;
And yet I’ve seen this stupid nightlight
Twenty million billion times

What’s Wealth To You?


A friend of my son’s
Still remembers this house
Because I ordered them pizza
When he spent the night here
And I ordered him one of his own

He’d never had a pizza of his own before
And hasn’t had many, since

He’s grown up now
But that is still
His idea
Of real wealth

And it kind of makes me ashamed
Of some of the things
I’ve attached importance to