The Tall

My elders all surround me […]

Among the tall I make my way.
My elders all surround me,
And wisdom past my hope to ken
Is everywhere, around me

It was like this way in days gone by,
And years before those days —
We are among the giants — yes —
In varied, countless ways

There many are who scorn the past,
The mass from whom we stem;
For how much could an age have meant
If it was missing them?

But me, I’m feeling rather small,
Out walking here, among the tall;
The silent ones who’ve seen, alas,
What human wisdom’s brought
To pass

8th Perspective

hello from you is like a kiss from anybody else
and so i keep my distance from your greetings
my feelings for you are too strong to quite be rational
and so i must prevent too frequent meetings

my head is dizzy staring now at patterns on the floor
i didn’t hear you as you came all ninja through my door
don’t put your hand upon my neck don’t look into my eyes
don’t bring me back from loneliness don’t make me recognize

that i am just a boy at heart and you are just a girl
that there’s nobody else exists in this whole empty world
now my perspective’s failing falling drowning going missing
unfolding swelling greeting
looking touching

6th Perspective

So many rooms we’ve never seen
So many doors unopened yet
We’re curious the flames still burn
Impatiently we wait our turn
So many rooms we’ve never seen
So many brand new views we never

And where is love and where are friends
And why we won’t it all depends
On management of how we’ll yearn
If we will give what they don’t earn
So many doors unopened yet
The future is not known, we can’t see

But always then stay curious
And let love you take you higher
Don’t be afraid of failure, you
Have only this desire
To live and love and love and live
And be there when you’re needed
So many doors and rooms await
You are not yet

3rd Perspective

You are a wonder every bit of you
A beautiful and complex undertaking
New rings and rivulets you’re always making
In symmetries both wonderful and new
And pathways good and beautiful and true

You are a marvel to my aching heart
A labyrinthine clumsy sort of kindness
An antidote to any moral blindness
A galaxy a universe apart
The horse before

2nd Perspective

I’m still afraid to reach out in the night
I still expect each day to meet rejection
I know it makes no sense it never did
There seems to be no measure of affection

That mitigates this fear breaks down the wall
For life lines up most neatly in its lines
To one who keeps reality at bay
By locking view of self in tight confines