the moon, the stars

the moon, the stars: how they must laugh
to see our constant scurrying —
the slow-paced change of outer space
contrasted with our worrying

the instants we are here – then gone –
the wisp of smoke, the briefest breath —
must all seem strange to those who look
but cannot know of life
or death

remember water, and the day

those nights that you might lose your way
and sell your soul at bargain price
for some intoxicating spice
remember water, and the day

for water just goes where it should,
whether it flows over overflows;
and cloudy day or bright still shows
that things in their due time are good

Travelogue Cabin

Alaskan Highway

The journey’s almost over

But the miles roll by at the same speed as ever

Whatever all I’ve seen

And wherever I’ve slept

My dwelling has remained the same

Perspectives can grow

Ideas can change

But they always stay within the same house

They started in

All You Want

It’s easy to forget.

All You Want

It’s easy to forget
As life
Can our true goals obscure

That all you want is
For them
To be happy and secure

You ask them to behave
For you
Believe one day they’ll find

True happiness will but
Be found
If they’re both fair and kind

And yet you have this moment
They are
Here, and hale, and whole —

But you know all you want –
It might
Just be past your


4th Perspective

Back then love was a high school dance
Where I was free to be myself
With someone for whom that was fine
After what seemed like years apart alone

The room would blur in happiness
Her head upon upon my shoulder, rest
The music forming multicolored
Porticos wherein but flourished love

So solid seemed the fragile precious new
The dream that was glance the dance
And you