My Dark-Haired Girl

My dark-haired girl, the sky is bright, And on this last and lovely night I would, from this old hillside’s height This time with you retain — Nevermore we’ll tread these grasses, Never down the lane Singing will we go together, Free from grief, and pain — Fortune, with its winter passes, Drives me home … Continue reading "My Dark-Haired Girl"

Look Within

(Loosely Translated and Paraphrased from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. – Owen) Look within, And never let The uniqueness or Value of anything Escape your notice. Everything changes, But everything eventually Comes together, Or, if it is meant to, Disperses. There is a sense that governs things, And it understands itself, What it is doing, … Continue reading "Look Within"

ghost village

how the village now sits, alone that once was full of people; how she grieves now for┬áher lost once, she held her shapely head high a promising girl among grown women – now a forgotten widow the tears she cries in the evening glisten silently on her cheeks and none who proclaimed love for her … Continue reading "ghost village"